This program is designed to completely change your attitude towards aerobic workout. it is a program that challenges your inner dancer...lol! It also creates an atmosphere of uninhibited fun and EXCITEMENT and pure exertion of core energy to achieve a better you for both physical and mental health.
What better way is there to explore the full potential of your fun side than this and it is brought to you using our very own African sound with a touch of international musicality therefore creating a multicultural environment for body movement exploration.
we use the wide and adventurous nature of the African high spirited groove and its rich archive of range of motions to create a wonderful workout experience.The excitement it brings to each participant is unrivaled.
Have you ever seen a dance routine in a music video or at an event and thought to yourself, 'I wish I could move to that dance, "Ijoda 9ja Dance Burnout" is your answer? it is your go to pal for effective weightloss and wellness lifestyle.


For great core strength,improved flexibility and well defined muscle tone. slow deliberate movement has an effective way of improving our body structure,fitness and balance.


Contrary to most speculations especially in Africa about women not working out during pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy is great for mother and child and especially post pregnancy as long as all medical requirements are met. This program is designed to help women be in shape for the period of their pregnancy and prepare the body to bounce back after birth.


Explore the soulful journey with the great ambiance of the African rhythm, sound and drums.


Enjoy and challenge your muscle memory, body coordination and improve your street credibility on the dance floor with urban movement.


Take chance with these beautiful styles of the Latin world. We offer Salsa, Jive, Chacha and Samba. These dances come with free spirited sensual and powerful music culture that makes you feel like the most beautiful in the room.


This session helps prep your body towards the journey of fitness and dance you have embarked on .Great from improve fitness level. “Lets loosen those joints”


Needs no introduction as it is one of the most structured dance style. This style reforms your mind and body. And it is a benchmark for what qualifies a great dancer.


This is a women only class. This class helps bring sexy back. It rejuvenates your entire soul, boosts self-confidence. It is woman mind empowerment in body movement and you get to sweat and tone your Arms Hips and Abs.


As our music is crossing over to other parts of the world, so is our dance styles. This session helps you keep up with the latest dance styles and shows you how to groove he Afrocentric pop culture way.


This help with proper detailed execution of dance moves. It also helps avoid injuries, enhances the grace that comes with having a beautiful performance.


This is an outdoor workout session which involves jogging as a group and at the end they converge to take an  aerobic, abs and stretch program.